Plumbing Tips that You Need to Know

In every single city of Singapore, the malfunction of water heaters, plumbing faults, punctured pipes contribute to waste of water in the environment every year.  And according to facts, this amount of water is more than enough to satisfy the demand of millions of citizens living in Singapore. By this data, one can easily rectify the impact of those minor leakages happening every day in either of the houses.

Rather than being sorry for these problems, it is better to make a way out in order to overcome them. But frankly speaking, the problems is not the pipes and water connections, but the roots and cause lie with the plumbing issues.

It is known fact that plumbing related problems will never stop occurring. In fact, they find the route to deliver some of either problem without alerting us. So, what can we, as responsible citizen of Singapore can do?

Well, you need to get educated about some common plumbing-related tips. By this, you can ensure that you do not have to call and pay for a plumber in Singapore to fix a minor issue.

Knowing these tips can enable you to solve minor water leakages and faulty pipes in no time. By solving these small issues on your own, one can easily contribute a lot to his or her country.

But by getting knowledge about plumbing, it does not mean that you must watch YouTube videos and waste your time. Instead, you need some quick tricks and tips to deal with plumbing on your own.

Here are few common yet effective tips and techniques related to plumbing which you must know.

  • Maintain your DWV system

Normally, the DWV system stands for drain-waste-vent. This system was invented before World War II, and still, most of the modern and developed countries rely on them. After all, DWV is the only method through which you can ensure the proper flow of sewage through sewage lines.

Every country has their own DWV system, which is quite similar to that of the first one. Although, the structure and pattern of sewage lines may vary drastically.

Even a minor fault in DWV and the whole city will suffer clogging and blockage of the sewage system. Clogging is a normal issue faced by all of us in some part of our life.

To get rid of this problem, one should ensure that they never throw off any solid garbage or some hard element that is usually big in size. In fact, 90 per cent of the sewage blockage is the result of dumping solid waste.

Moreover, hairs are the common part of clogged sewage lines. If you are already facing this problem.

  • Checking pipes

When was the last time when you check your water supply pipes? Do you even know the right way for inspecting pipelines?

It does not matter whether you have hired plumbing services for the reconstruction of your home water supply system. You must keep on checking pipes to sustain them and increase their durability.

Go for those water pipe where you think the chance of leakage is more. It might get a little bit complicated, but believe it or not, this is the best way to get read of the clogged water supply.

Look out for winter seasons when the chances of frozen pipelines are more. Try to insulate pipes in winter for extra protection.

  • Water heater

Water heaters are often problematic for most of us when it would not get worse if your water heater is facing leakage of hot water.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to those water heater manufacturers for reinstalling a brand-new water heater, it is better to keep draining the water heater once a year. You might question the reason for draining water heaters.

There are many aspects the one which gets to your mind is that draining water heater can help to make them durable and strong. Yes, normally, the hot water inside these heaters tend to damage the heaters because of their high temperature.

This phenomenon results in the degradation of the quality by which a water heater was built. And thus, the pipes get punctured. Although, keep water heaters empty for some time when not in use.

  • Enzymes and chemicals for cleaning

Plumbing issues are interrelated with some of the other problems which can’t be predicated accurately. One such problem, like blocked sewage lines, can drive you through more problems till the time they are not fixed.

Hold on, if you are one of them, then look for chemicals for eliminating bad smells. Plunging is indeed a good option, but not always. Moreover, plunging can’t stop the cause of the bad smell.

The best advice is to go for chemicals and another type of enzymes. They react with the bacteria’s causing an unbreathable smell. The chemicals used in room and car fresheners like ethanol and eucalyptus contributes to good smell and fights with the bacteria s produced from blocked sewage.

  • Avoid over-tightening pipes

One of the common causes of frozen pipes is due to over-tightening. The water flowing through pipes does not get enough space while their volume increases due to low temperature.

Secondly, there is a high chance that the pipes can get damaged due to the strong pressure applied while tightening. In the worst-case scenario, they might also get broke into two pieces.

Most of the homeowners over tight pipes while doing DIY plumbing. They believe that over-tighten pipes will lead to no more leakage problems in the future. And if you are one of them, then to your knowledge, even the tightest water connection deliver water leakage issue in some or the other way.

The best thing you can do is to hand tighten them without using tools and wrenches. Your hands won’t move until the pipe and/or taps get fully screwed up.
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