4 Features Of A Good Money Lender In Singapore

4 Features Of A Good Money Lender In SingaporeINTRODUCTION

Money lending business is fast growing worldwide, driven by the increasingly expensive lifestyles and expanding responsibilities people have to face. The Singaporean money lending business is also huge, with about 160 licensed lenders catering for business and personal money lending. Below we take a look at the features of a good money lender in Singapore.


Good money lenders in Singapore have low interest rates. The mandatory monthly interest rate in the country is 4%, yet …

Customer Rewards : The Key To Loyal Customers

Customer Rewards : The Key To Loyal CustomersHow does an online company manage to retain its customers and remain on top of the competitive market? Providing customer rewards for steadfast customers has for some time been outstanding amongst other approaches to keep the customers coming back. This program not only gives them a better deal but also proves to them that the organization is mindful about their businesses.

Before beginning a rewards program, it is good for organizations to first determine who their most steadfast customers are …