10 Must-Have Korean Clothes for Your Wardrobe

Koreans are hugely innovative when it comes to choosing fashionwear for them. Did you know that you could wear sweatpants on a day out with your friends? Or you could wear sneakers on a date instead of heels? Be it Korean men or women; they hold a special place in their hearts for the colour pink. Korean fashion mainly came into trend ever since the K-pop band BTS has been throwing its enigma across the globe. The best thing about K-fashion is that you can experiment with almost everything you own in your wardrobe and still create a whole new style. However, one needs to make sure that he has courage enough to carry those fashion statements.

Rock the Korean Style with These Styling Statements

Korean women love wearing oversized clothes. It doesn’t only hide their usual body forms, but also gives them a causal and effortless yet fashionable appearance. They abide by certain norms. For instance, Korean women do not show much of their shoulders, but they happily flaunt their legs!

If you want to rock the Korean fashion, here are a few style statements that you have to adopt. Read on to find out more about the different Korean clothes that will jazz up your closet.

  1. Grab A Pair Of Ripped Jeans: Koreans and ripped jeans go hand in hand. They wear ripped denim a lot. It is a perfect garment that can be used as casual wear from the day to night! However, it would help if you made sure that when you are putting on a pair of ripped jeans, the other aspects of your outfit should not be very loud. Let the jeans be the highlight of your entire outfit. All you have to do is carry yourself with confidence, and you are good to go.
  2. Mix And Match With A Lacy, Feminine Blouse: A tad bit of experimenting and fusing your outfits never cause any harm. If you are unsure of what to pair your ripped jeans with, you can go for a lacy or a ruffled top. Laces and ruffles are a raging fashion trend in Korea. Laces and ruffles are very feminine. They are an ideal choice for the women who do not want to spend time dressing up and still look elegant.
  3. Get The Perfect Blend Of Style And Comfort With Long Dresses: Koreans like to wear their outfits a little baggy. If you are looking for something which is an ideal amalgamation of fashion and femininity, a long cotton dress might be your pick. Women wear these dresses across Korea during summer or spring. Some of these dresses have intricate designs around the waist or sleeves, or accessories like bows, ribbons, collars, which complement the Korean fashion perfectly.
  4. Wear Your Dress Over Blouse: In Korean culture, a peek of the chest area or the shoulders of a woman is frowned upon and considered to be inappropriate. Women are not very comfortable wearing sleeveless dresses, even in the scorching heat. Therefore, they usually wear their dresses over long sleeve blouses. This fashion was more popular in the ’90s and is gaining popularity again.
  5. Pastel Coloured Clothes: Koreans usually like wearing clothes which are of pastel colour. They do not pick colours which are too loud or do not go easy on one’s eyes. Light colours look cute, are easy on the eyes, and are youthful. Therefore, Korean fashion matches the spring season perfectly!
  6. A Sport That Schoolgirl Look: Koreans have been so innovative with their fashion ideas that in Korea, the school uniform is not just to be worn in school, but also can be used as everyday wear! You can wear an A-line skirt, preferably checkered, and team it up with a simple yet elegant long-sleeve shirt. Accessorize your apparel with a loafer, and you are ready to steal the show!
  7. Add Layers To Your Clothing: Koreans are experts at layering. They can mix and match almost anything in their closet and look gorgeous. Once you have all the clothes that will help you flaunt the Korean fashion, experiment with them and play around to create an outfit that is unique as well as chic.
  8. Sportswear: Most of the fashion trends in Korea are inspired by streetwear. For every young Korean who is looking for daily wear, sportswear becomes an ideal choice. They have a plethora of options when it comes to wearing hoodies and sweat pants. Based on what the occasion is, they can either dress up or dress while they slip into this comfy pair of clothes.
  9. Wear A Nicely Tailored Sophisticated Blazer: This is a great garment that you must own if you are a fan of K-fashion. A blazer can either be worn over denim or can be paired with a long flowy dress. If you have a meeting at your workplace, all you have to do is put on a blazer, and you are good to go.
  10. Try A Couple Of Dressing: Korean youths have a unique way of expressing their love for their partners. Korean couples love to co-ordinate their dresses. Although those who are not accustomed to the Korean sense of style may find this to be a little extravagant, the Koreans think this is an appropriate way to walk around the streets with one another and express love.


Koreans are very choosey about the accessories that they pick to put on with their clothes. At Yishion Singapore, you will come across many of them. Most of these accessories are available in bright colours and complement Korean fashion perfectly well. For instance, if you are wearing a Korean style long dress, you can add a dash of quirkiness to your look by putting on a hat and hanging a cute sling bag across your body. For those experimenting with layers, scarves can be of great help. Not only is this but shoes, especially sneakers, believed to be a show-stealer according to the Korean fashion-norms. All you have to do is maintain the confidence in you, and you can rock the Korean fashion trend.